Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Annoying Questions Wey Naija Girls Dey Ask AND POSSIBLE ANSWERS

1.Are u a player??
*yup, manchester united wants to sign me next season*
do dey xpect us 2 say yes??

2. why do u want my pin?...
... i want to use it to burst balloon or use it to hold my trousers.

3. can u die 4 me?....
i tot Jesus already did, abi na so your sins plenty reach?

4. My Bis will soon expire, wat am I going to do?.......
return the bb to the seller and get a nokia torch.

5. IF i sleep over hope nothing funny will happen?....
mumu, we would just perform night vigil..

6. You are getting it on wif dem and you about to put a condom on and they ask, what are you doing..
.....Nothing, I am bandaging a wound, ode.

7. Make una add una own

8. Y are ¥ou touching M̶̲̅ε̲̣?
.......I am checking ur skin for cancer mumu

9. Wy ar u removing my bra?.... I wan washam 4u, idiotu

10. we don pull clothes finish , only 4 me 2 insert she held me and ask do u rily love me , ewu ! were u expecting me to say no

11. we are both in the pool i held her from behind and she felt my erection and asked , macito wats dat shookin me .....monkey it is my phone i brought it into the pool.

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