Thursday, September 27, 2012

{FUNNY} Warri Bible

WARRI BIBLE ENG:- As it is written in the Bible. WARRI:- As dem yan 4 Bible ! ENG:- Jesus entered the boat with his disciples ! WARRI:- Bros J cum enta canoe with him padi dem ! ENG:- As the boat was sailing, there was a great storm ! WARRI:- As the canoe dey move, na im yawa cum gas ! ENG:- The storm was so great that it was like a whirlwind ! WARRI:- as d yawa Dey gas, na him kasala burst join ! ENG:- The disciples became So afraid and they shouted Master ! Master ! WARRI:- Na him liver fail him padi dem, na him dem begin dey hala Bros eh ! Bros eh ! ENG:- Jesus got up and calmed down the wind ! WARRI:- Nα so bros J get up kon arrange the mata ! ENG:- HE turned to his disciples and said, oh ye with little faith ! WARRI:- Na him bros J luk him padi dem, shake him head, kon provoke..."O BOI ! UNA FALL MA HAND O ! ENG:- The disciples replied and said "what manner of man is this ?" WARRI:- him padi dem kon hala "shoo ! Bros J, which levels Nαh, you BE WINSH? 2165D368

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