Monday, August 13, 2012


1). Halima says....Waiter, please, I like my
SALAD very hot, also, can I have 2 bottles of
SHAWARMA. (2). Nneka says.....Ore mi give me
your PIN let me call you. (3). Mabel says.... I'm
so tired; I just made my hair in Shop-rite
(4). Rejoice...more replies......Really?? I want to
spend my...
summer in London this Christmas period.
(5). Cynthia explains.......I just bought my
BlackBerry (BB) but I haven’t collected the PIN.
(6). Ronke brags......Wen I'm flyin, I always like
window seat cos I open it for fresh air.
(7). Tade says...... I prefer London 2 UK during
(8). Fatima says.......Hmmm, u can’t
even imagine, I just bought a G-String, and
the thing I like most about it is the double
back pockets
(9). Abbey orders.... Please if you don’t have
meat pie, doughnuts or scotch
egg, just give me snacks. (10). Amaka
our house eh, we use to have 3 swimming
pools, until armed robbers stole one.
9ja babe i love una die, for real i love NIGERIA


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Anonymous said...

Naija babes, una no go kill us, unas dey lie o! Jesuuuuuuu