Monday, July 30, 2012

{FUN} join the 9ja mentality.... All noodles na Indomi e.t.c

=> All softdrinks are called mineral'
=> India beat nigeria 99~1 because... the ... ... ...
ball was turnin 2 Lion
=> If ur wealth start reducing its ur village
people dat are doing u.
=> Rice and stew....Every Sunday afternoon.
=> Every commodity tagged with Made in China,
USA or anyone outside Africa is original.
=> Anybody with Aids got it through sex.
=> she's a 'calabar girl' chai!!! she go sabi do...."
=> Every seasoning cube is maggi.
=> U must finish D rice b4 u touch d meat
=> Every toothpaste na maclean.
=> Every insecticide na Fleet
=> Every detergent na omo.
=> Any rich hausa is an Alhaji', D poor ones na
Aboki' and dese days...boko!!!
=> U smoke u are an armed robber!
=> If u find money on d floor, pee on it b4
pickin it up,unless u turn 2 Yam!
=> only science students are smart
=> Once u travel overseas u must be very if they share money on the plane
=> Drogba use juju tie Torres 4
=> Every Girl dat plays and jokes with a boy, has
slept with him.
=> U must buy bread when traveling to ur
village...i swear!!!
=> when u loose a tooth,throw it on the roof
of d house,and run round the house 7 times"
=> Every noodle is called indomie"
lwkmd!!! if am wrong, prove me right!!! And if u av
any funny ones, plz feel free 2 add o!!!
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nakins86 11:46 Sun, 29 Jul 2012
Any girl dat put on sexy cloths is a prostitute
ash99virus 06:14 Sun, 29 Jul 2012
..... Lwkm4h oo
ash99virus 06:15 Sun, 29 Jul 2012
..... Lwkm4h oo
evri satchet milk na cowbell
azefash 09:48 Sun, 29 Jul 2012
any guy dat put on good cloth is a SWAGGA
exklusive4 09:52 Sun, 29 Jul 2012
every body dat liues at lekki is rich
exklusive4 09:53 Sun, 29 Jul 2012
anybody ridin bike is an okada man
whitenight 09:53 Sun, 29 Jul 2012
evry bombin na boko
xdado 09:55 Sun, 29 Jul 2012
Wen u open soft drink, crush d lid n drop it in2 d
johnwizey 09:55 Sun, 29 Jul 2012
Sum1 has posted ds joke b4, so i dont tink it
shld mak d hompage @mankind
tundeed 09:56 Sun, 29 Jul 2012
Any body d@ wears d jalamiah is an alfa
bensonkenny11 09:59 Sun, 29 Jul 2012
Good save naija wit money
martincapan1 10:04 Sun, 29 Jul 2012
all brick layer must drink 7UP AND BREAD
sexlord 10:07 Sun, 29 Jul 2012
Lwkmd oo
sexlord 10:08 Sun, 29 Jul 2012
Lwkmd oo
kentricky 10:08 Sun, 29 Jul 2012
Every sachet water is pure water
corinthian 10:14 Sun, 29 Jul 2012
Everybody who wears suit and carry Bible on
sunday is a pastor
iyere_eustace 10:16 Sun, 29 Jul 2012
Any pikin wen he papa poor na pkako pinkin
martincapan1 10:17 Sun, 29 Jul 2012
all women must called their pastor DADDY
s 10:21 Sun, 29 Jul 2012
All notherners na muslim

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